Media Composer Ultimate


So Avid have revealed new tiers for Media Composer. Most interesting to me was that you require the Ultimate version to enable NEXIS shared bins and projects.
I was concerned that they might be dropping support for AllDrives in what I’m calling Media Composer Standard.

I’ve done some testing today, to check out what’s what.

First I can confirm it doesn’t matter what version you have Legacy (<= 2018.3), Standard, or Ultimate (I’m ignoring First), it’s all the same files. I verified the SHA-256 checkums of the installers and they’re all the same. So it really is a license limitation.

If you’ve directly upgraded from 2018.3, you won’t see the new built in features such as Symphony or Phrase Find. However resetting the trial version brings these to life :wink:

I confirmed that AllDrives does still exist in the Standard version, and DIVA media and project drives work like usual. So if you want shared projects (without bin locking), and want to save US$30 per month, come and use DIVA.

I also tested our beta bin locking version, and NEXIS mode is totally disabled in Standard (all though it still shows NEXIS Media Drives in the Hardware window).
What’s really bad is you can still open a project on a NEXIS drive, in standard non-ultimate Media Composer, and it lets you - but it will overwrite any bin changes on the network.

If you’re running the new Ultimate version, then you get full NEXIS support. You also retain this if you’re on an old license and upgraded to 2018.4.