Media Composer 2019

Media Composer 2019 is due out soon. We will complete compatibility testing and post updates here once we know more.

Testing is going well, and there appears to be no major compatibility issues.
Both DIVAFS and non-DIVAFS drive types have been tested and are working, though there are a few other issues to consider first.

There appears to be a bug in Media Composer when using DIVAFS drives. Normally when opening a project on a DIVAFS drive Media Composer will prompt you to enable third party bin sharing. It still shows this prompt, but it does not appear to do anything.
It’s very important that your users are aware they need to check for the green padlock when using bin locking.
We’ve found that each users needs to at least once open Settings, go to Project, then General, and check “Enable Bin Sharing on 3rd party storage emulating Avid NEXIS/ISIS”. You used to have to do this once per user per project, but now it appears once set it will persist for all projects (for that Avid user).

I couldn’t get a Windows installation to upgrade. It required a full uninstall and install on all Windows platforms tested.

OS X 10.11 El Capitan is no longer supported by Avid, and I’ve confirmed it crashes on load. We highly recommend macOS 10.13.6 at this stage.

From a DIVA compatibility point of view it works. From an editorial production tool, I found it to be fairly unstable, especially on Windows. There is also a fairly steep learning curve, so ensure there is plenty of time for your team to learn the new interface before upgrading.

As a note it really doesn’t work on the macOS 10.15 Catalina beta. There is a very hard crash on load.

On 10.14 Mojave there is still a “this application is not optimized for macOS” warning on the first run, which means Avid have not yet recompiled the application for 64bit compatibility, which is required from 10.15 onwards.