Media Composer 2018.12 Compatibility


Avid have indicated they are releasing Media Composer 2018.12 on New Years Eve, because what better way to party, right?

One feature they are including is “background bin saving”. While this sounds like a welcome addition, we are unsure yet if they are making any changes to the way the bins are actually saved.

As this may be a breaking change, we ask that do you not upgrade to 2018.12 until we have completed full compatibility testing with DIVA.

We’ll endeavour to complete this as soon as possible, but we hope you understand that due to the odd timing of a major release from Avid, it may be a few days into the new year before this completed.

We’ll update on our usual channels once testing is completed, but keep an eye on this forum post specifically.


We’ve completed testing on Media Composer 2018.12, with no problems.