macOS 10.14 Mojave Support


macOS 10.14 Mojave is due to be released on September 24.

At this stage it is not supported by any version of DIVA.

It is also unlikely, looking at previously releases, that Avid will support it out of the gate. From testing the Mojave betas with Media Composer, I would also expect this to be true.

We’re working hard to update DIVA Client to provide Mojave support, and hope to have something available before the end of the year.


Avid have released Media Composer 2018.10 today, with Mojave support.

At this time we still do not support it. We are working on a new cross platform client which will support it.


We’re hoping to have a beta of our new client this month. We need to get favourites implemented, and ensure the installer and update systems are working correctly first.


Today we got the new client running in a live site for the first time. We’ll be extending that test tonight and tomorrow, where we’ll run the new client in a heavy load situation for a day before we offer it elsewhere.