DIVA Version 2.16.3


A handfull of fixes here with v2.16.3, and improved performance when backing up large bins to B2.


  • Backup:
    • multipart upload of large files
    • record bandwidth of B2 backups
  • Fusion: add project id to hover in project list
  • Restore: change the restore path for individual bins to “Restored Bins”

Bug Fixes

  • Backup:
    • lock list when recording backup stats
    • improve null checking when calculating backup performance
    • don’t reassign versions when target snapshot has version for file already
    • fix if/else when handling backup exception
    • delete versions before consolidating snapshots during daily cleanup
    • check for records before calculating bandwidth
    • delete uncompleted snapshots with no files which were started more than a week a
    • automatically close uncompleted snapshots with files
    • only delete completed snapshots when cleaning ones with no files
    • always create a new snapshot when requested
  • Client: null check request on API exception
  • DB: add unique constraint for Snapshot_Id and File_Id in FileVersions
  • Data: add unique constraint to FileVersion
  • FileSystem: use normalized paths when copying directory paths longer than 255 characters
  • Incidents: handle timeout sending notification email
  • Restore: ensure restored filenames are unescaped